Excavation Services in Saugerties, Hudson Valley & Albany, NY

Our team has experience ranging from the typical residential driveway or pond, to timber clearing and commercial site work. We welcome new challenges, whether that be a private race track, extensive pond designs or a private airstrip. No matter the scale of the project, our goal is to work with our clients to help create their vision. We have a full complement of equipment to efficiently and quickly complete all types of excavation such as:

General excavation of ditches for utilities and liquid transfer. Whether its replacement of existing utilities or installation of new one we will work with you and all the utility providers for a smooth experience.

Site development projects for both new or expansion projects. We can clear proposed sites and prepare them for any project. Our forestry capabilities allow us to clear large areas for commercial buildings or residential homesites. Even selective clearing for smaller outbuildings or just general beautification of your property. All wood materials can be ground with our mobile processing equipment and repurposed for onsite use or transported away.

Our excavation services also include digging and preparation for foundations or slabs for any size building or home. Installing drainage systems to protect your buildings from the elements. We also offer Concrete service with our skilled masons to form and pour your foundation or slab. We Offer ICF forms as well to add efficiency to your concrete projects.

Our excavation expertise is not limited to just digging. Because solid rock is a common encounter, we are also able to offer Rock hammering for your projects as well. Hydraulic rock removal is a necessary part of many projects and a limitation for most excavation firms. We are well equipped for this challenge. Rock Hammering is a better alternative than blasting as it entails less environmental impact in most cases.

We also excavate and fully install new septic systems or upgrade your existing system. Whether a small residential system or a complex commercial treatment facility.

We can grade any area for whatever purpose and specification you require. From flat areas for specific uses to engineered hills and slopes for your envisioned landscape plans. Raking and smoothing the existing material or install base materials for specific uses including stone for drive surfaces or topsoil for a smooth growing surface.

Our fully equipped fleet of trucks can easily transport waste materials out and new materials in.

NO matter the project you will have a professional team that will communicate to always understand what the client wants during the duration of the work. We take pride in all our work and will complete it in a timely manner with minimal impact to the surrounding areas. Our professionals at AH Excavation look forward to building not only your project, but your trust!

Call at (845) 247-5949 today for expert excavation services in Saugerties, Hudson Valley & Albany, NY.